View More: http://perregeaux.pass.us/eva-simonEva Chan thinks of herself is like a really watered down version of Spiderman. A law student lawyer by day, and a photographer by night.

A self-professed global nomad, Eva was born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada and educated in New York, Florence and Beijing. In between, she spent two years in an Indian school.

Eva inherited her grandfather’s camera in high school and fell in love. Much to her dismay, what developed in the dark room was not the work of a photographic prodigy, but an entirely blank roll of film. She had apparently loaded it wrong. Oops.

She kept at it though, and throughout her travels her Nikon has been her constant and faithful companion. She is fascinated by people and new cultures. Much of her journalistic work focuses on economic development. She is a passionate portrait photographer, and loves meeting new people.

Eva is a storyteller whose medium often happens to be images. In addition to her portraiture business, she is honored to support Wokai and the United Nations through her photography.

Eva Chan currently resides in Boston, and is completing her legal studies at Harvard Law School. She is most comfortable in a jungle somewhere, behind the lens.

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