Coney Island x 50 mm

coneyisland-7coneyisland-1 coneyisland-3 coneyisland-4 coneyisland-5 coneyisland-6  coneyisland-8 coneyisland-9

Coney Island might be the most famous boardwalk in America, and like most tourist features in New York, it is something that I take for granted and fail to explore. Last weekend, I grabbed my camera and 50mm and headed to the end of the Q train.

A photographer friend of mine once proposed an “f/11 and be there” photography challenge. The idea was to set your aperture at f/11 for the entire day – to push yourself to compose images inside your mind’s eye. I spent the day shooting my own version of that challenge – shooting with just a 50mm lens, and producing only black and white images. In a day where zoom lenses are ubiquitous, it is a reminder to “zoom with your feet” (as one of my mentors is fond of saying).

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